Atlaskit Droplist component will need an onBlur prop

I’ve been working with what I’m guessing is the dev preview version of the new Droplist component and am pretty certain that it needs an onBlur handler (it also needs to somehow take focus when isOpen === true)

The main use-case for this component is likely displaying menu items behind the [ . . . ] type button and so would need to function in a similar manner.

I’m also thinking it would be ideal to not include the @atlaskit/item package as a dependency since it’s not always required.

I’m finding it works better with buttons for a droplist menu, but can see maybe others would prefer checkboxes… and some Item components.

The main reasons to not have item as a dependency are linters scream when you import packages that aren’t direct dependencies of your project and it reduces overall bundle size if we aren’t bundling up things we don’t need / use.

Hopefully it’s not too late for the above to be taken into consideration ^ ^