Atlaskit editor core link functionality not working

Link functionality is not working in Latest version of atlaskit editor core component.

It is perfectly working fine with the version 115.2.2(@atlaskit/editor-core: 115.2.2).
Refer below URL -

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Hi @krishnashah - thanks for reporting this. I’ve reached out to the team to investigate.

Thanks @nmansilla for responding immediately.

@nmansilla Is there any internal ticket logged ? where i can see the progress of this issue then it will be helpful for us in our sprint planning as its a existing production issue.

@nmansilla now link functionality is working in latest version 132.0.0 but clicking on cancel button on that link pop up is not working.

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we have another problem with editor-core (140v) and links. So far we didn’t manage to get work the Confluence link im mode “Display inline”. It shows as “Unsupported content” in the editor.
If the link is set to Display URL it works fine.