Atlaskit generate form and submit multiple forms

Hi there,

What would be best way to handle this scenario:
Be able generate multiple forms by clicking “Add form” button.
And be able submit all generated forms with one Submit button.

I am using @atlaskit/form

Thank you

Hey there,

Do you think you could provide a little more context around the question… for example, are you looking to find out whether or not you should do this using UI Kit or Custom UI? Which product are you looking to extend? What do those forms do and where would the data be stored? Are these to update issues in Jira for example?

If you could provide some additional detail and be a little more specific in your requirements then you might get a better answer!

Based on the information you’ve provide I would say that you’d want to use Custom UI over UI Kit though.


Hey there,

sure I can provide more info. And i thought @atlaskit/form can be used only in Custom UI…

  1. I do use Custom UI
  2. I am implementing this form in Jira Cloud (admi-page)
  3. Data are stored in Storage API
  4. No, I does not update Jira Issues, it is used just to store app configuration in Storage API

Based on this info can you provide some simple example?

PS: I would like to be able dynamically generate/remove form/s.

Thank you

Hey Jan,

Thanks for providing that additional information. There are forms options in UI Kit (see ) and you’re right that you can only use @atlaskit/form directly within Custom UI (although UI Kit does still render components in the @atlaskit NPM scope “under the hood”).

This still feels like quite an open ended question unfortunately. There are examples of using the form components on the Atlassian Design website, see Is there a specific problem or question you have with one of the components?

Or are you looking for suggestions on how you might write the code to generate forms. It’s also not clear if these are user generated forms or are generated from some existing data? To get the best response possible I would aim to ask quite specific questions, perhaps you can provide a link to some example source showing where you’ve got to and what the problem is?


Thanks that helped!