Atlaskit license and add-ons for Chrome and Firefox

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a question: my team and I are going to create a new Connect add-on for Jira, but we are also planning to create add-ons for Chrome and Firefox; all three add-ons would be integrated to provide a smooth experience and would complement each other. The actual question is: does the license of Atlaskit allow to use it in a browser add-on, taking into account that the browser add-ons would supplement the main app for Jira? We want to provide the best experience possible, so it only makes sense that the UI of all add-ons looks and behaves alike.

Maciej Opala

@douges, @stephenmok, @jsyip could you please provide your input here? It would be great if we could use Atlaskit in browser extensions that would extend functionality of our Jira add-on, but alas we’re not sure if the license of Atlaskit permits that. Thank you in advance.