AtlasKit migration from SC to Emotion introduces breaking changes

It seems like you are not only migrating from SC to Emotion, you are also upgrading emotion packages in the process.

It is now no longer possible to use the latest version of @atlaskit/button (15.1.7, published 19 days ago) in combination with the latest release of @atlaskit/select (15.0.0, published 6 days ago). Installing both in the same project will result in the following error:

The reason is that @atlaskit/button transiently installs version 10.0.29 of @emotion/cache, whereas @atlaskit/select installs version 11.4.0. There is a breaking change between these two versions.

Would it be possible to ensuring that we can use multiple AtlasKit components in our projects becomes part of the acceptance criteria / DoD for Log in with Atlassian account

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Hey Remie!

Just responded to your comment in this thread and created a follow-up ticket for you here: DS-7725

Can we continue the conversation there :pray:

Here’s some context for others that might come across this issue:

Thanks for the heads up, I definitely want to figure out why you’re seeing that error! To add some background, react-select (used by @atlaskit/select ) includes its own version of emotion (v11) where we in Atlaskit are depending on v10. So far we’ve expected these two versions to be interoperable after collaboration with the emotion authors. We have also tested and shipped these to our products with no issue, however It’s possible that we’re not using the same code-paths or environment that you might be.