Atlaskit Modal Dialog - scrolling bug on Firefox 79

Hi, how can I submit the following issue?

In the Modal Dialog component, outside scrolling do not seem to be working fine on Firefox (79 on Mac Os).

I tried also the example provided in the standard API doc of the component

and… I’m able to scroll down but then the scroll stops working (it works if I focus on the scrollbar or if I scroll with the arrow keys). On Chrome and Safari it works fine.



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Hi @Gianni,

Your message here is a good start. I’ll see if I can draw the attention of an AtlasKit expert.


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Thanks for raising this Gianni! Love when people take time to help us make the Design System components better :grinning:

We’ve created a ticket for you in our backlog that you can follow along here:

It will be prioritized and hopefully picked up in the next sprint or two.


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