Atlaskit npmjs error

I’m getting the next error when adding Atlaskit on my project
@atlaskit/eslint-plugin-design-system”: “^8.9.0”

npm ERR! 404 ‘@af/design-system-docs-ui@*’ is not in this registry.

Any one knows how to fix it?

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I can confirm the same issue when doing a simple npm install.

Can you raise a bug at

@rwhitbeck @MarceloMella We are also experiencing this error on Jira Cloud. Has an issue already been raised for this or should we create a new one?

I have created a bug report. Any one who wants to be added, please be ahead and reply here


This looks like it might have been fixed as I can now npm install without it giving me an error.

Yes, i’m not getting any error now

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We are getting this error at the moment. Is the package gone again?

I am not getting this error when I try a simple npm install

Thanks Ralph, that is very weird to me :face_with_monocle:

Our pipeline is failing where it didn’t before and this package is also not on npm @af/design-system-docs-ui - npm search , but an install does indeed not fail on my machine as well.

I’ll investigate further.

Please let us know what your investigation turns up.

On my machine it works fine, have you considered an npm cache clean --force?
It’s also possible that you’re running npm install locally but npm ci on the pipeline, so maybe you’re stuck with an outdated reference in the package-lock.json.

I was able to solve this (sorry for the delay, I was off sick last week), but I am still not entirely sure why the error was triggered in the first place. Let me explain:

In the project at hand, we were using yarn for package management, hence why there was no package-lock.json. However, we were using a script originally created for another project that was calling npm version, which it turns out need the dependencies installed for some reason.

So npm was doing that and because there was no lockfile it fetched newer versions of packages than were fetched by yarn. And while resolving these newer dependencies here, it was fetching a version of @atlaskit/eslint-plugin-design-system that was depending the @af/design-system-docs-ui package.

However, the pipeline had no caches set up and @atlaskit/eslint-plugin-design-system does not even show up in our yarn lockfile. My best guess is that npm was resolving a newer version of a dependency we have, which must in turn have a reference to that 8.9.0 version of @atlaskit/eslint-plugin-design-system. However, that package has only one dependents, which in turn has none, so I don’t know how the package would even end up in our dependency tree. Maybe an older version of another package was depending on it, but then why would an older version be fetched. Maybe some sematic versioning shenanigans? Don’t know :confused:

Anyway, it’s working now. I replaced the npm version command with yarn version and everything is fine. I suspect properly upgrading all packages (including the version numbers in package.json, not just the lockfile) might also have resolved the issue.

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