Atlaskit + React 17

It looks like Atlaskit still prefers React 16.x and react-scripts 4.x.

Is there a plan to cleanly support React 17.x?


Depending on your component usage you’ll be able to use react-script 5 (or rather web pack 5).

I guess that’s true – react-scripts doesn’t really seem to be an issue as much anymore. But seems like React 17 still is:

npm ERR! Could not resolve dependency:
npm ERR! peer react@"^16.8.0" from @atlaskit/progress-bar@0.5.2
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Any Atlaskit developers able to comment? There are a growing number of libraries requiring peer dependencies on React 17.

For instance, tiptap is a very popular WYSIWYG text editor that requires 17 (the built-in atlaskit text editor isn’t always desirable with so many great OSS alternatives). What’s the roadmap for supporting React 17?

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Now the question might be when they will support React 18…

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Soooooo the thing with atlaskit is that it is not a single entity. It consists of components that are owned by multiple teams within atlassian.

The Design System team is responsible for maintaining the components that are found on These components all have Typescript support, are migrated to emotion and support react 17+

All the other components on are maintained by other teams and most are not frequently updated, lack Typescript support and are still on Styled Components 3.x

If you use any of these components you’re basically fucked, because the DS team will not take responsibility for them, the other teams don’t give a shit and now your entire project will be shipping both SC and emotion and your’e stuck with react 16 for all eternity.

Any complaints about it will simply be you screaming at the void


Great context @remie

We’ll have to do an audit of which components we use from Perhaps we could replace them.

I’d love to update styled-components and React.


Thanks for this clarification @remie. I’m only using components from, and indeed they do all seem to work just fine with React 17, but they still do have 16 listed as the actual dependency. So --legacy-peer-deps is needed when installing.

The never ending joys of frontend web-dev, I suppose – React 18 is here and I’m beginning to have some tsc issues with the components.

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