Atlaskit Text Areas

Hi guys.

Loving the new AtlasKit. It’s amazing!

I’ve been upgrading our addons to use it, however I cannot seem to find a way to make a multiline text field (aka textarea).

The text field docs only show single line inputs (
As does the forms docs (

Am I missing something simple or doing it wrong?



@scurtis, any help with this one would be amazingly helpful. Thanks mate. Hope you’re well. :slight_smile:

Any chance anyone could take a look at this? Thanks.

Hey Dave, as you suspected in the other thread Summit/AtlasCamp last week and that personnel is still not back in the office yet. I’ll keep looking around for someone to help you out. Sorry for the delay in response.

Thanks Ralph. :slight_smile:

Hi @edave We don’t have a component for text area and we don’t have plans to develop one. An editor will be used to handle multi-line inputs. But it’s not ready and I don’t know when as it’s being developed by another team. I’d suggest using a plain old text area for now.

Can you please ask when it’ll be ready? It’s important for the consistent look of our add-ons as we update to Atlaskit.

FYI. We love the idea of an editor, but we certainly don’t need the power or overhead of one for plain text JIRA fields like Summary.


Hey @jcheung, an editor component sounds good, but there’s a lot of use cases of a plain old textarea as well. We’d really love to see this component added to AtlasKit as well!

For our add-on sometimes you don’t want editor input (i.e. rich formatting etc). E.g. we have a textarea input, to enter a raw JSON object.


I checked with the team that is responsible for editor. It is at least 8-9 months away for them. There is an opportunity here for TextArea component tho’ and it could be easy as there are much to reuse
from TextField. :wink:


Thanks for checking @jcheung. :slight_smile: Sweet! Yes! Waiting 8-9 months for a textarea would be a massive yak-shaving adventure. Glad to hear that something can happen. Oh. I just realised the atlaskit repo is now opensource. I’ll get on a pull request if that’s easier.

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