Atlaskit TextField onBlur not triggering when clicking Button components

As the title says, I’ve created a TextField and provided the “onBlur” prop with a callback… in this case just using onBlur={ () => console.log('blur event triggered') }

Given the TextField has focus.
When I click anywhere else on the page, including both within the iframe or outside of it.
Then the onBlur triggers.

When I click on an Atlaskit component,
Then onBlur is not triggered.

This is tested against a standard Atlaskit component with nothing but an iconBefore prop (so it doesn’t perform any action… is not intercepting event bubbling etc.)

Using the example input that has onBlur and clicking the Submit button shown in the TextField atlaskit example page does not reproduce this behaviour, that may be due to it being of type"submit" vs plain.

Tested against v4.1.8 of FieldText and v6.4.2 of Button