Atlaskit's Wikimarkup Transformer doesn't render media images properly

Hello, I’m using Atlaskit’s Editor Core component and renders its data in Atlaskit Renderer. I’m using wikimarkup transformer to encode the data. However when I insert an image and format it to align left, right, wrap-left or wrap-right, large size or small, wikimarkup doesn’t take “layout” or size into its account. it only displays center align.

const convertToWikimarkup = doc => {
  const transformer = new WikiMarkupTransformer();
  let updateddoc = transformer.encode(doc);
  return updateddoc;

here’s “updateddoc” doesn’t take layout “align-center” or size.

0: {type: 'bulletList', content: Array(5)}
attrs: {layout: 'align-start'}
content: [{…}]
type: "mediaSingle"
[[Prototype]]: Object
2: {type: 'paragraph', content: Array(0)}
length: 3

Am I missing something else ? Your help is very appreciated.

I’ve had a DEVHELP issue open for this for over two months now. I still don’t have a proper answer yet but it sounds like you may have to have a media token for the images to display. I’ve asked where I can get this but have no answer


Hi Paul,

images are showing in renderer but when user apply the image formats such as “align-left”, “align-right” or resize the image “small” or “large” from the editor, wikimarkup simply doesn’t take into its account and applies only default changes i.e “center” align and medium size.