Atlassian-app-cloud-migration-listener license

Hi! We’re trying to use atlassian-app-cloud-migration-listener in our app, and we hit a problem with the license:

Our build uses license-maven-plugin to keep track of our dependencies’ licenses, and ensure we only use a certain list of allowed licenses. atlassian-app-cloud-migration-listener seems like is meant to be released under the Apache license, because that’s what’s in the .jar’s META-INF folder.

But the pom.xml does not declare a license itself, so Maven looks at the parent module com.atlassian.pom:closedsource-pom, which also does not declare a license, and then it goes to com.atlassian.pom:base-pom, which declares the “Atlassian Customer Agreement” as the license.

Could we get an explicit license declaration in the pom.xml of atlassian-app-cloud-migration-listener itself?

Hi @bbutnaru,

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve created [MIG-916] Add licence information to atlassian-app-cloud-migration-listener - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. for this request. If you can comment on and watch the Suggestion report this will help bring visibility to this.


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