Atlassian Connect Dev Google Group

Should the Atlassian Connect Dev Google Group be closed down, all discussions being shifted across to this Developer Community site? Just sayin’.

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Hey David,

We are currently working on finishing up the plan for the future of that Google Group.
It will be announced shortly.


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Hey David,

I just posted an announcement on the Google Group.

We will be retiring the Google Group in 2 weeks and keep it as a read-only archive from then on.

Excellent! Now it’s clear which shall be the One True Developer Community hang-out.

… except for certain Skype groups. shhhh.


Well i guess we miss the “Connect” Forum in here, right? Or shall connect based questions go into the product-forum, so Connect-Confluence questions into Confluence?

It’s sometimes unclear to me whether a topic belongs in the product-specific category, or in the Atlassian developer tools category.

@eugen.mayer and @david.pinn

If it’s a general tooling question (think libraries, SDK, general Connect functionality (not tied to a specific product) you should be using the Atlassian Developer Tools Category.

If it’s a connect questions specific to a certain product you should use the product specific cloud categories.

You can also use the atlassian-connect-dev tag to mark your questions as connect specific.

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