Atlassian Connect Express 3.5.0 Release Notes

Hello Devs,

With the update in ngrok dependency and breaking some of the tutorials and sample apps, I’d like to take this chance to itemize some of the improvements done in Atlassian Connect Express in case anyone’s interested:

  1. Fixes dependency on ngrok 3, and drops support for ngrok 2
  2. Strip credentials in logs
  3. Add descriptor validator - app developer should add a ‘validateDescriptor’ in config file to enable this in development mode
  4. Allow passing of Sequelize pool options
  5. Alignment of Jira, Conf, and Bitbucket SDK
  6. Add documentation on events emitted by ACE
  7. Updates dependency libraries to fix npm audit warnings

There’s a lot more I’d like to implement in the future. I suggest if you have further feedback and requests, please raise them in . I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.



Are you sure about this? I can’t find Ngrok version 3 anywhere. Perhaps you meant migration from v1 to v2!?

Hi @george1,

This is the dependency I’m talking about:


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@acalantog, it’s really nice. Thank you!

As piece of feedback, there is a disconnect between versions and git tags.