Atlassian-connect-express automatic registration doesn't work with 2FA

I’m using atlassian-connect-express and trying to set up the automatic registration with credentials.json. I’ve followed the steps in the ACE readme, but I get a 401 error whenever I try to deploy running node app.js. I believe this is because the organization my atlassian account is under requires 2 Factor Authentication, so the username/password combo in credentials.json is not sufficient to gain access.

I also tried adding a second admin account in my cloud environment (as I’m not crazy about storing my personal log in credentials in a plain text file on my computer to begin with), but was still prompted to set up 2FA when trying join the project as the second account.

Is there any way to disable 2FA in the development instance? Is there a way to create additional admins in the development environment just for ACE authentication so I don’t have to use my personal credentials?

Hi @acrimi,

Did you enable developer mode on your Jira instance?
If that’s not enabled it might also throw 401 errors.


Yes, developer mode is enabled, I can register the plugin manually with no problems, it’s just the automatic registration with ace that fails