Atlassian-connect-express on heroku + postgres on node 8.11.1

Recently, new version of ace has been released and by commits I thought it will support newer version of node. So I updated package.json and pushed it to heroku filled with hope :), but the problem with the postgres adapter is still there. I know that it is a known problem, as it is stated in documentation to use node 5.12. However, node 5.12 lacks of so many exciting features and we are stuck with it.

I don’t think that using different version on dev and production would be a good idea, that is way we are still using that old node. Does anyone have any ideas how to replace default postgres adapter, which would work on node 8.11.1?

What worries me also is that I found out that ace v2.1.4 in development mode on node 5.12 fails to register, which now also prevents me from updating ace.

try the latest postgres adapter git commit:
“jugglingdb-postgres”: “github:jugglingdb/postgres-adapter#4a827cf3a1ed315b01e35d98c52c6f46d9a3ddd0”,

this worked for me - of course this isn’t great either but for now that’s still the latest commit and it’s been updated to work with Node 6.

also compare this: [ACEJS-20] - Ecosystem Jira

I use jugglingdb-postgres-atlassian on nodejs 6.x successfully for more than a year so far