Atlassian Connect - Forward key press events to host application from page

I have noticed that in Cloud on dialogs or pages that are powered by a (third-party) app, keyboard shortcuts do not work (e.g. c for create). For dialogs that is mostly as I would expect it, but on pages where I see the corresponding Confluence functionality I would expect that to work as a user.
Technically that makes sense to me, as the content lives in an iframe.
Is there any way to forward those key events - maybe via AP - to the host application’s UI?


Really? no one is bothered by behaviour that pressing “c” does give me “Create page” dialog, but does nothing if I clicked into another iframe from which I can’t really tell that it is belonging to a third-party app. Feels like rather arbitrary for users that if they clicked inside the red rectangles “c” does nothing whereas if they didn’t, they can create a new page. Focus

This feels even stranger when you have a full screen, e.g. adminPages, with all the Confluence adornments around it and it does not work, because you clicked something on the page.