Atlassian Connect - Hide webPanel in Confluence's page edit mode


we are working on a Connect Express app that shows a webPanel all around Confluence. We would like to avoid showing the webPanel when editing a page and / or blog post, but we are not finding a way to do that.

We’ve been looking at conditions, expecially entity_property_equal_to, but we didn’t find any content property that indicates it’s currently in edit mode.

Have you got any hint or solution for this?

Thank you.


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Hi @AndreaRinaldi ,

I don’t think there is any way to achieve this. I think this might be related to this other conversation here where I can see you added a comment a few months ago.

The condition that can be used to distinguish between a page in editing mode versus a page in viewing mode is the following:

"conditions": [
     "condition": "viewing_content"

However, this is only working in locations like the one but not the atl.general, which sounds like what you are after.


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Yes, correct.

Anyway, thank you for the confirmation! We’re gonna make some trick under the hood: deplorable, but at least we reach the goal.