Atlassian Connect not loading correctly

Trying to use the example of a connect addon from here: Bitbucket
Was able to get it connected and at least navigating to the hello-world route, but the iframe never gets sized correctly nor does it think it ever finishes loading the panel. Not exactly sure where to start searching on how to make this work correctly. If I go into inspect console and give the iframe a size it does show as completely loaded, it just is never able to communicate that to the Bitbucket instance for some reason.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like after I edit it to give the iframe some height.

I could be speaking out of school here, since I’m more of a Jira add-on guy; but I had a similar situation recently, and the cause was that the Atlassian Connect all.js script reference was not being properly embedded in the page. There’s code in that file that does the resizing.

The other thing to check is that your content is placed within a <div class="ac-content"></div>. That’s the div that gets resized.

Let me know how you get on.


While Bitbucket Server does bundle a version of Connect, it is not complete and is not supported or intended for third-party developer use. It exists solely to support the Smart Mirrors feature. Many aspects of our bundled Connect are either incomplete or non-functional, and we have no plans to change that. Connect is, and will likely always remain, a Cloud-only mechanism for building add-ons, and is only supported by Bitbucket Cloud ( and our other Cloud products.

Anyone who manages to get an add-on for Server working using Connect does so at their own risk, and with zero assurance from the Bitbucket Server development team that future changes to the way Connect is bundled will not break their add-on.

Best regards,
Bryan Turner
Atlassian Bitbucket