Atlassian Connect Spring Boot compatibility with GraalVM native image compilation

Hi Developer Community,

I’m reaching out to ask about the compatibility of the Atlassian Connect Spring Boot library with GraalVM native image compilation.

I’m currently working on a Java application and looking to compile it into native code for GraalVM execution. As part of this process, I’m planning to integrate the “atlassian-connect-spring-boot” library into my application. However, I’ve run into some compilation errors when trying to include this library reference, using the latest version (4.0.1).

I was wondering if there’s a version of the “atlassian-connect-spring-boot” library that plays nicely with GraalVM native image compilation. If there is, could you point me in the right direction or offer any insights on how to tackle these compatibility issues?

I’d really appreciate your help with this.

Aurelio Pérez Noriega

Hi @AurelioPrezNoriega,

we don’t target GraalVM in our development of Atlassian Connect Spring Boot. There is no version which specifically addresses GraalVM needs.

BTW, the current version is 4.0.7

We would accept contributions which could increase compatibility if they do not adversely affect the operation of the code in a regular JVM. That said, since we are not testing against GraalVM we would not be able to guarantee ongoing compatibility.

You’ll have to look at the compilation errors and decide if they are easily addressable.