Atlassian Connect Spring boot support for Bitbucket


I am working on creating an addon for Bitbucket cloud and I decided to use ac-connect-spring-boot for this. However, I am now having trouble with the integration especially with a couple of points

  1. Not able to make rest api calls to bitbucket cloud. The addon is installed on The api url is There is no api available to make calls to a different url
  2. Bitbucket does not support the ACT_AS_USER descriptor. Hence not able to authenticate as a particular user. I thought maybe I could try to access the services using a different user since I am unable to make the requests as Addon.

Is there any documentation for ac-connect-spring-boot other than the ReadMe and examples on the sourcecode that can provide some information about how to make such calls?

From what I have seen so far, the whole ac-connect-spring-boot application seems to have been developed keeping Jira in mind and I am finding that using this for developing a bitbucket add-on is not really easy.

Has anyone else come across these issues or have worked on a similar integration? I would appreciate it if somebody can give me some pointers around this.


Hi @tshah as you suspected the Atlassian Connect Spring boot Framework was made specifically for Jira and Confluence. Here’s the first line of the Readme file:

This repository contains a Spring Boot starter for building Atlassian Connect add-ons for JIRA (Software, Service Desk and Core) and Confluence.

It’s definitely not recommended to build a Bitbucket Connect app with AC-springboot as Jira and Confluence differ quite a bit from Bitbucket.

Looking at the Frameworks and tools page for Bitbucket Cloud there isn’t an Atlassian supported framework for Spring boot but there is some community supported Java frameworks that might be of interest.

@tshah, please vote for the feature request ACSPRING-3.

There are a few half-finished pieces of this work on the branches feature/ACSPRING-3-bitbucket (for JWT authentication) and feature/ACSPRING-3-bitbucket-oauth2 (OAuth 2.0 support, independent from the rest of atlassian-connect-spring-boot.


Thanks @epehrson. I will check it. For now I have got around this by just using appPasswords to make the queries.