Atlassian-connect to local jira

I’m having one hell of a time trying to get my node app to talk to a jira-server running in a docker container.

Has anyone managed to get this going ? If so, would you share your secret receipe ? :slight_smile:

I don’t want the UI (browser) to access jira, just the node server process, but would prefer if I could pass on the appropriate user credentials (obtained from login) rather than a single “application” user


Hi @julian1,

Are you building a connect app and trying to do some REST calls for Jira as an app? or a third party app running in node and trying to connect to your local Jira instance running in docker?

If the former, then you should use a REST Template. Example: Making API requests to the product

If the latter, I have managed to let my app talk to a local Jira instance (not a jira-server running in docker). This is a personal app of mine using node-express and just displays a bunch of reports and fires REST calls to make life easier. Followed this tutorial.

Anne Calantog

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Atlassian Connect is our cloud development system.

A Jira Server instance running locally on your machine is for Atlassian Server development.

You can not write a Cloud App that runs in Atlassian Server or a Server App that runs in Atlassian Cloud. The frameworks are completely different making your question confusing.

Here is what I would recommend: