Atlassian connect with spring boot post function


I am trying to create apps using Atlassian Connect. I am using the Spring Boot implementation.

I would like to know which parameters should I expect in my app java methods for the end points, in this case in my post function. For example, the trigger end point (the one that calls my app when the post function is launched). Is there any documentation/examples I am missing? I have look into the example repos for Spring Boot but I didn’t found anything related to workflow functions. (The same for listener, and so on).


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Hi @ajdionisio,

you may want to take a look at Workflow Post Function in the Connect modules documentation. The triggered field is described there, including the example request body that is sent to you app.

I’m not sure if we have an example for Spring Boot, but there is a nodeJS example linked, see: Bitbucket.

Hope that works for you.

I had a chance to see that answer, but hopefully you have resolved the issue?
Wasn’t async loading an issue there?

Yes, in fact it was async the problem. I have deleted because I have found a couple of problems in the html itself and I want to be sure I have it straight before asking a new question.

Many thanks!

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