[Atlassian design system] [bug] contrast ratio for Atlassian logo and missing issue collector

  1. Contrast ratio of Atlassian logo on the https://atlassian.design page:

  1. When trying to report an issue, there is a missing collector – or miscommunication

2a. When reading the httpx://atlassian.design/resources/contact-us the “Contribute a bug report” lacks direction

2b. When reading the httpx://atlassian.design/resources/contribution page the “Info panel” alludes to an feedback collector which is missing (see info panel copy below)

At the moment, we’re only accepting contributions from internal Atlassians. If you’re an external maker and have some feedback, let us know in the feedback collector below, and we’ll take it on board.

Note: I had to change the URLs to httpx since there are very strict rules on how many attachments and links you can add as a new contributor.

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Thanks mate I’ve passed this feedback onto the team. Looks like it’s been fixed however: https://atlassian.design