Atlassian Marketplace REST API to Get licenses

I am trying to get licenses using this REST API request “GET /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/licenses” from Atlassian Marketplace downloads per product. I want to get the list of licenses after a specified “lastUpdated” date of the license. Any suggestions on how to do it.

It looks like the curl example for that documentation is not currently being generated correctly. This is what it looks like:

curl --user<api_token> \
  --url 'https://localhost:8080/rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/licenses'

But it should read:

curl --user<atlassian_account_password> \
  --url '{vendorId}/reporting/licenses'

I have tested that with my own account and it seems to work.

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Hi @joshiru,

Pasting my response here from Developer Support, you may try something like this from your browser to test it:{vendorId}/reporting/licenses?lastUpdated=yyyy-mm-dd

Please do take note that this restricts values on or after lastUpdated specified.

Anne Calantog

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Thanks @acalantog this solution worked for me.