Hi team,

I am working on pulling JIRA reports using JIRA rest APIS by passing JQL.
While working I found a GitHub project called atlassian-api/atlassian-python-api.
Below is the link to the project.

I was able to pull the reports by using the above GitHub project and we are planning to use this GitHub project our future use-cases.

Could you please confirm the above GitHub project was built using valid JIRA APIS or not.
We are just worried about whether we can trust this Github project or not.

When I raised a support ticket with JIRA they asked to post in the developer community. below is the response from JIRA.
Thanks for reaching out to Atlassian Support and our apology for the late response! Looking at the GitHub page, we’re unable to confirm the code as this is a development question out of our Support scope as mentioned in our [Support FAQ] however,! you could be able to ask this question on our [Developer Community]. If you intend to use Jira REST API, you can visit our API Documentation which provides a comprehensive view of all the access needed if you’re connecting via API to Jira Cloud.

Thanks in advance

@satheesha.pechetti looking at the GitHub repository, it does not seem to be an official package. So it is not supported by Atlassian, or the developer community. Which means that it is up to the developer of the package to ensure proper compatibility with the Jira REST API.

In general, when using 3rd party libraries, a good indication of whether it is using the latest & greatest is whether or not it is actively maintained and if there are multiple contributors.

Looking at the source for the Jira API ( it seems this is pretty solid. The file was last updated 6 days ago and has been edited by 11 contributors. I cannot comment on whether it has all endpoints, but it seems like it is using the latest Jira Server API (/rest/api/2).

I think the best part here is that it is open source, so you can create a fork and adjust it if you feel like something is missing. The Jira REST API documentation will help you implement any missing endpoints. If you feel generous, you can submit your changes to the upstream project and contribute to the package.