Atlassian REST API Browser not showing any REST services after update

I have updated my development environment to Atlassian SDK and AMPS 8 and now noticed, that under Jira 8 the REST Browser doesn’t show any REST API anymore. It is totally blank, not even official Jira APIs are shown and also not REST APIs of my addon.

According to Manage apps, Atlassian REST API Browser 3.1.3 is installed and no update available.

Any idea what’s going on here?

Best regards, Holger

Hello @Holger,

I was able to experience the error by running a standalone (via atlas-run-standalone --product jira --data-version 8.0.0 --version 8.0.0); the REST API Browser version was also v3.1.3. I updated it to v3.2.2 (different versions can also be downloaded here) and it’s working as expected now.

Can you try it out and tell me how it goes?



Yes, with Jira 8.0 I was able to update to REST Browser 3.2.2 and then it worked as expected. Thanks for the hint.
I was checking the same yesterday, but was already on Jira 8.1, which is as of today not marked as compatible with REST Browser and therefor I was notified to update…

The AtlasLabs team should update compatibility and also update SDK to automatically use this newer version of REST Browser.