Atlassian.SDK To fetch All JIRA issues by project is not working with .NET

Hi Team,

We have integrated JIRA API in one of our .NET application.
API URL is -

Everything was working fine but from past couple of weeks it is not working.

To integrate JIRA API in .NET project, we are using library Atlassian.SDK version=“12.0.0” in our C# application.
Mentioned below is code snippet,

var jira = Jira.CreateRestClient(Url, Username, Password);

IPagedQueryResult<Issue> result = await jira.Issues.GetIssuesFromJqlAsync(filter, MAX_ISSUES, 0);

int total = result.TotalItems;

As a output total shows total number of issues in JIRA project.
But result object does not contain any data.

Can you please assist what’s issue with “GetIssuesFromJqlAsync”?
Is there any updates in API data or library which needs to be integrated.