Atlassian Server Plugin Development - Use React - Atlas Kit in Server Plugin

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on Jira Server Plugin with work with Atlas kit and React Js. There is several examples in the Internet but no one has a clear explanation. So I’m confused a little bit.

Resources those I read about this topic ,

Non of that can not solve my problems. I can’t configure frontend as React.

Why couldn’t I find a clear example of hello world on such an important topic?

Is there step by step example or blog or video etc. ?

Anyone can help me ?

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Hi, indeed, its strange that “no hello” world could be readily found. Many vendors lost time on this, I think.

We made it work by combining the atlassian-webresource-webpack-plugin, webpack and react.

The documentation here really helped :

The webpack uses babel to cross compiles the react code, and includes it in the app.

It’s good to first learn about react & babel cross compiling, before learning more about webpack and including react in Jira Server.

Hope this helps,

I had to do the same for one of my projects and I wrote a detailed article about it: