Atlassian Server to Cloud Migrations - a review and sneak peek into the future

Hi developer community,

For those of you whom I haven’t had the opportunity to meet with yet, I’m Alex. I am a Product Manager for Ecosystem and Migrations here at Atlassian. This post relates to one published by @kderenda on investments we’re making to improve cloud extensibility.

Server to cloud Migrations continue to stay top of mind as a key strategic priority for Atlassian. As the software industry continues its shift towards cloud, we want to make sure our customers have a clear and achievable migration path prepared ahead of them. Over the past year, we’ve made major improvements to close the gap between our server and cloud platforms, but when it comes to our ecosystem—we’re just getting started.

With the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant and the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, customers now have a clear, step-by-step process for migrating users, spaces, projects, issues, and more from server/Data Center to cloud. These apps serve as the primary “bridge” to cloud and help support the increased complexity and demand for cloud migration we’ve seen recently.

Server and Data Center to cloud migrations are up 60% YoY with organizations large and small making the switch. Over the past 6 months, more than 10,000 server starter tier customers have activated a free cloud license; we expect to continue to see momentum from this segment of our base now that we’ve eliminated cost as a barrier to cloud.

We’re not only seeing smaller sized customers migrating, but larger companies as well. Like Homegate, a Swiss real estate company, who is experiencing positive ROI on their move to cloud. Homegate uses at least four cloud apps across their Atlassian portfolio: Issue Checklist Free, Simple Cloud Files Jira,, and Queues for Jira Service Desk.

As well as Redfin, who recently migrated from Data Center to cloud premium.

Since at least 60% of Atlassian customers use an app or integration from the Marketplace, we are making improvements to our cloud migrations assistants to allow server and Data Center customers to bring their apps with them during their migration to cloud.

App Assessment

This year we introduced a new utility in the cloud migration assistants to facilitate an app assessment. The app assessment helps customers understand what server apps they’re running, and which of those are currently available on cloud with a migration path.

Our latest release provides customers with easy access to your documentation so they can learn about possible notable feature differences between server / Data Center and cloud versions of your app; as well as instructions for migration, if possible. We’re building a new set of APIs for Marketplace to allow you to self serve publishing those documents to our tools, but in the meantime you can submit your documentation via the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor Support desk.

What’s coming next for migrations?

App Assessment is only the first step. We’re working on a platform to help Marketplace Partners build migration paths from server / Data Center to cloud that integrate with the Cloud Migration Assistants.

Last year, we’ve tested our framework as a proof of concept with 30+ Marketplace Partners at App Week Scottsdale.

Here are some quotes from attendees about the event:

“Our team, with Atlassian guidance, was able to create a migration process in about three days, moving most of the data from the Xporter app in a Jira Server instance to Jira Cloud.”

– Paulo Alves, Xpand IT

“As a Platinum Solution Partner, our work centers around helping our clients get the most out of the Atlassian Tools and apps in the ecosystem. With the dramatic increase in requests for viability evaluations and implementations of Atlassian cloud migrations, the information gained during App Week will be invaluable in continuing to craft the best solutions for our clients.”

– Rodney West, Isos Technology

Updates to our roadmap

In the next few weeks, we’re going to release the first of a series of public and documented APIs to allow you to start integrating with our platform and building an automated migration path.

Following the release of our APIs, we’d like to work with you to start testing your migration paths with real migrating customers in a Customer EAP, prior to an official release in calendar year 2021. Marketplace Partners who participate with us to facilitate this Customer EAP will have opportunities to get featured in marketing content leading up to a targeted launch event at Summit. If you are interested in learning more about getting involved with the Customer EAP please submit a request via this Google Form and we’ll reach out to provide more info.

To stay informed about the latest developments with our Migrations tooling, please check out the Cloud Migrations topic here in the Atlassian Developer Community. And, if you’ve tested out the Cloud Migrations Assistants and would like to suggest improvements please raise an issue in our public Jira project.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Good stuff, @akassab, thanks for the wrap up. This looks promising. As suggested I created AMKTHELP for adding our doc here. Let me know (there) if anything else is needed.


@david.toussaint - Thanks! I received the ticket and added your doc to the Cloud Migration Assistant. :slight_smile: