Atlassian statement on our support for Ukraine

Atlassian has released a statement on our support for Ukraine, our priorities during the war and the actions we have taken as a company. Please note the following actions, which impact you and your team:

  • We are pausing the sale of all new licenses and Marketplace apps to Russia and Belarus*.
  • We are suspending licenses for Russian and Belarusian government-owned entities and entities that support the Russian government aggression directly or indirectly in any way.
  • At this time we are not revoking all existing Russian and Belarusian-based licenses

Please let us know if you have any questions.

*On March 23, 2022 this article was updated to reflect Atlassian’s current position regarding Belarus.


“This includes our third-party Marketplace apps.”

Does this mean Atlassian will stop selling our apps to Russian customers as well?


@boris yes this will be for Atlassian products as well as all Marketplace apps.


Thanks for providing this, it will help us defining our own actions.

Can you elaborate on “We are suspending licenses for Russian state-owned entities and entities that support the Russian State aggression directly or indirectly in any way.”?

Most Russian Licensees are Server and Data Center, so what does suspending licenses mean? Suspending support?

Can you provide a couple of scenarios so it is clear how to respond? We are bound to SLA and TOS so we need to figure out under what legal grounds we can proceed and communicate.

Identifying state-owned entities would be relatively easy to identify so we can act, but the other entities who support the aggresion would be more complicated. Expecting Atlassian to provide a list would be complicated, so I think it’s fair to leave it up to us to decide.

These is extreme circumstances and I don’t think anybody expects risk-free, crystal-clear directions/guidelines, but anything you can share would help us in sharing a common position to support Ukraine and express condemnation to Russia’s actions.



Thank you for you support! However ALL Russian people and businesses should feel the consequences and understand that something terrible is going on. So please, target all of them and not only state-owned entities.


@roberto we’re reviewing your questions and will work to get a response soon.

Hi @amardesich, are you considering blocking the generation of trial licenses for accounts from Russia?

@roberto sorry for the delay. For sanctioned Data Center and Server customers, we will be preventing the renewal, support, and updates of Atlassian products, as well as the renewal and upgrade of any apps which are paid via Atlassian.

On the question about getting a list of entities, you are correct we’re not able to provide that.

I think this addresses most of the points, but I may have missed some nuance so let me know if there is something missed or more specifics and I can let you know if we’re able to provide more detail.

@adam.labus yes trial licenses are being looked at as well. Our initial focus is ensuring we stop/suspend new purchases.

@amardesich - I am seeing new evals with a customer location of “Russian Federation”. Is this expected?

Hi @ademoss can you submit what you’re seeing through the service desk here? This will allow us to look into it fully.

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