AtlassianHostUser is Empty

Hi everyone,

I am trying to develop a system that shows issues in my project but there is no AtlassianHostUser object when I am trying to use it with the @AuthenticationPrincipal annotation. Althougth I did every step in the document bu still I can’t get any response from Jira.

  "key": "${addon.key}",
  "baseUrl": "${addon.base-url}",
  "name": "Mergedemo",
  "authentication": {
    "type": "jwt"
  "lifecycle": {
    "installed": "/installed",
    "uninstalled": "/uninstalled"
  "scopes": ["ADMIN"]

here is my atlassian-connect.json file

Hey Berat,

Welcome to the community.
To avoid heading the wrong direction: can you give a little more context to what you want to achieve and especially which document you are trying to follow?

Cheers, Tino

Hi tino.winkler;

I am trying to use /rest/api/2/search API, and I am following Bitbucket this document for backend code. I created a dummy project and added some dummy issues, but I couldn’t get any response due to authorization problems. this document says, when I am using one of the Atlassian framework, I shouldn’t concern about authorization problems but I do. And every time I tried to reach my API, there was an authorization problem too. I used IgnoreJwt annotation to get through but this can’t be the solution. All I need is get Issue List from Jira.

So you try build a Jira Connect app, based on Spring Boot using atlassian-connect-spring-boot.
Your Spring Boot app then should request the Jira API (/rest/api/2/search).

Though using the Atlassian framework definitely helps with authentication, you still have to make some decisions and provide the relevant code for them by yourself.

The first decision to make would be - do you need to search for Jira issues as a specific user or do you want to fetch any issue, no matter which user is initiating the request? Based on this decision you either have to follow the instructions for Making API requests to the product as a user or Making API requests to the product as the add-on on Bitbucket

Also, could you paste the relevant code here that is not working?

I changed the authentication provider to oauth2 and then I was able to get response from API. Well, I can use my app in this way I guess. Thanks anyways.

Good to hear it’s working for you. Good luck with your app!