Atlcli now on bitbucket

From the readme:


In order to manage similar changes to multiple repos the “Bitbucket Server Command Line Interface” was created. It was useful for mass changes to multiple repos.

Later it used to handle repetitive tagging by our Change Managers. They wanted the same powerful tools for Jira scripting. So the “Jira Server Command Line Inteface” was created.


The purpose of these tools is to enhance productivity of development and maintenance of software by supplying tools to communicate through the command line with atlassian products bitbucket and jira.


Without bragging, I can claim that these goals are met and exceeded.

Support multiple repo structure

It should be simple to do repetitive tasks over multiple repos. This is achieved through the pipes and filters design.

Achieve high reusability

By implementing the tools as traditional filters, the tools can be recombined in infinite combinations.

The tools are implemented as python modules, and can be used in other tools easily.

The design lends itself to open source and will achieve gigantic reusability when it becomes public domain.


The tools sould be percieved as reasonable fast.

World class documentation

The code documentation and the command line help be of excellent quality. This will help transition to external open source repo.

Extermely high code quality

The quality of the code should be exemplary so that the myndigheten will be proud of owning such open source code.

Exemplary auto tests

The automatic testing of the code should be of exemplary high quality. This is a showcase of how much care myndigheten puts on automatic testing.