Attachment_viewed webhook never fires in Confluence Cloud. Bug?

Topic says it all. I have registered to receive the attachment_viewed webhook in Confluence Cloud and I never receive the webhook. All of the other webhooks seem to work though. I have tried viewing the attachment as part of the page (image), viewing the attachment using the File preview (PDF) and downloading the attachment from the attachments screen. I never receive the event.

I have verified that the url is not being requested via server logs so it’s not a routing issue. I have double and triple checked the event spelling. Relevant snippet from my atlassian-connect.json is below. All hooks seem to fire except the attachment_viewed event.

"modules": {
	     "webhooks": [
				{"event": "attachment_created", "url": "/attachment_created"},
				{"event": "attachment_updated", "url": "/attachment_updated"},
				{"event": "attachment_viewed", "url": "/attachment_viewed"},
     "scopes": [

Ok, found the bug.

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