AUI 8.x static files

Hi all,

I’m building a hybrid cloud/server App with AUI - I would like to upgrade to AUI 8.x - however it seems that the static zip files for the latest versions are incomplete.
I’ve looked here

Thank you for any advice regarding this.


Hi @lukas-gotter!

Can you elaborate on what you mean by the static zip files being “incomplete”? What is missing that you need?


Hi @daz,

I don’t see any aui.css files and js files in the zip files for 8.x and greater.

AUI 8.3.3 → 04

Am I missing something?

Thank you!

I downloaded the flat pack zip file from here:

Hi day, any idea regarding the version 8 files? Thank you

I see what you mean now @lukas-gotter / @LukasGotter.

AUI 8.x does not yet have “production-ready” files in its flat pack or Node package.

The files include every AUI component. This makes them good for testing, but the weight of the bundle will be large, which will cost your app time until the first meaningful paint.

There’s an issue in the AUI backlog,, which is being used to track the creation of a usable production distribution of AUI. The difficulty: usable means different things to different teams, and depends on what components and behaviours your application needs. So, the AUI team want to collect info like: what components people want in their bundles, and whether they would prefer to get prebuilt bundles or to build their own. If you’re able to shed light on the components and behaviours you need from AUI on that issue, the team may be able to provide a workable solution for you.

As you mentioned you’re building for both Cloud and Server, may I ask a few follow-up questions?

  • Does your app load its UI code from a CDN when it’s shipped in a Server product, or is it bundled with the rest of the app code?
  • I’m interested to know whether you considered using Atlaskit instead of AUI? If so, what were your reasons for choosing AUI?

Hi @daz,

Ok so basically you say that by including the files, we should get a working version of AUI 8.x? We could try that approach, the JS is 500k and the css 250k which could be acceptable as workaround.

It would definitely be great to have a stand-alone version of AUI 8, as with any other version before.

Regarding your questions:

  • Currently the App ships the complete UI code. For the server version we also require online access and request the necessary resources from our servers. This might change but we follow a hybrid approach currently.
  • Regarding Atlaskit, very good point - most probably we will evaluate it soon and just switch to that. When starting out, we just wanted something as unobtrusive as possible, so getting AUI stand-alone was the quicker option; at least to our knowledge at the time.
  • Do you have any good resources on how to get started with Atlaskit for Server Add-Ons?