AUI 9.1.2 is released

We have just released the 9.1.2 version of AUI.

You can find the latest documentation under this address:

Fixes - Form fields elements do not render double-sized focus-ring in browsers that natively support :focus-visible - Expander component behaves properly when trying to toggle multiple times


Documentation - AUI Documentation now properly describes multiple ways to consume AUI

Single Select - aui-option uses encodeURI for img-src escaping, allowing for usage of URLs with additional parameters and/or special characters

AUI 9.1.1

If you have missed that - on 2020-09-17T22:00:00Z we’ve released AUI 9.1.1

It contains a fix for scenarios when trigger component caused DOM exceptions if cross-origin iframes were present in the document ( )

I’d personally like to thank every community member that reported and/or worked with us on issues with the library…
Thank you for helping us help you help us all.

With :heart:,
The Enrichment Center


Love these updates here on CDAC, thanks for posting them!



The 9.1.2 link 404s for me when choosing it from the list here. Several other versions with published docs don’t appear in that list, either.

EDIT: This link appears to be a better place to find docs for all versions. I guess the problem is that googling for “atlassian aui” doesn’t turn up the site anywhere in the top page of hits.

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Yes, you’re right. Our documentation has been migrated to the new address.
We’re in a process of adding additional redirects so that you’ll always land on the new URL, but that’s unfortunately gonna take us a bit time, due to technical difficulties.

I apologise for the confusion.

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@BobBergman I have good news :slight_smile: The redirects are working now - you will land on from both URLs you mentioned :slight_smile: