Aui aui-table-sortable not working on Chrome and FF, but fine on EDGE!

I am using <jira.version>7.13.5 & <amps.version>8.0.2. All other components are working fine in my soy template.

Table soy elements:

 <table id="dataTable" class="aui aui-table-sortable">
			<th class="aui-table-column-issue-key">Key</th>
  			<th class="aui-table-column-unsortable">Summary</th>

In js file, in the DashboardItem.prototype.render function:

var $table = AJS.$("#dataTable");

The table appears just fine in Edge, but there are no sorting headers in Chrome (Version 78.0.3904.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and FF (70.0.1 - 64-bit), just regular ones…I have read the docs over and over and cannot see what I am missing. I even tried adding the table-sortable js file manually to the atlassian-plugin.xml file even though it is included in the main js file in the version I mentioned above of AUI.

Appears it had to do with a stale target folder which included the main sortable jars and the min ones (but there by me) and then upon packaging them another .min-min was created causing conflicts and confusion.