AUI DatePicker broken in Confluence 7.12.0

I’m trying to get support for a broken feature in the AUI library, the datePicker broke in Confluence 7.12.0, I have raised a few tickets to get Atlassian to look at it, but I get very little response from DEVHELP, see this ticket if you have access:

Is anyone using the AUI feature (Date Picker), and have you found that the dateFormat option is now broken. It only accepts the default format now.

I can’t workaround this, because I have date formats stored in the database that cannot be just changed because Atlassian have broken this feature.

Please help Atlassian…


Hi @mr.chris.kent, thanks for raising the issue with us and thanks for your patience getting to the bottom of the problem :slight_smile:

As a follow-up to the devhelp ticket you raised, I’ve captured the problem and known workaround in the AUI backlog here: [AUI-5382] Date picker not setting value when underlying input has type=date - Ecosystem Jira. I’ll prioritise the fix within the platform team and we’ll aim to get a patched version out and available to Confluence + Jira soon.