AUI Dialog2 issue with Select2 dropdown

After updating Jira to version 9.13.x w

e’re having an issue displaying a Select2 dropdown inside a modal dialog that is open on top of another modal dialog.

After researching the problem for some time, I discovered that the logic behind assigning a z-index to dropdown Select2 was not working correctly. The drop-down list of a child modal window considers its parent not the modal window in which it was opened, but the very first open modal window. Because of this, the dropdown list is not visible.

In short, the parent modal has a z-index of 3000, the child has a z-index of 3100, and the dropdown has a z-index of 3002 (it should be 3102). The dropdown list considers the modal window to be the parent of the parent, and therefore the display does not work correctly

To solve the problem I tried to use the property $(‘#mySelect2’).select2({
dropdownParent: $(‘#myModal’)

dropdownParent of the Select2 library, but this did not solve the problem. Therefore, I believe that the problem is public and most likely related to one of the recent AUI updates

I am attaching several screenshots for a clearer description of the problem.

Also I found very similar issue, but from 2021. It’s about Confluence, and Dialog1

Hi Team,

We’ve opened

for this issue. If you’re affected by this issue, please comment on the ticket and vote for it.


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We’ve also had a report this is an issue with Confluence 8.8, so I’ve cloned the Jira issue to