AUI Lozenge class type ignored in JIRA Select List Custom field

Dear Atlassian Developer Community,

we have a Problem with HTML Tags in one of our custom fields.

I did implement a Select List Custom Field, with colours trough HTML Tags, like descriped here: and here

After the upgrade to Jira Software 8.8.1, this does not work anymore.

Does anybody know a way to solve this with the new update?
Did anyone else expirence this Problem?

It’s probably because Atlassian is gradually removing support for HTML tags inside configuration data, for security reasons. For example, you used to be able to add html tags in the description of a custom field - no more. People were using it to inject javascript into Jira pages - you can understand why this could be problematic…

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Hello David,

thanks for your Answer. I understand that this is changed because of security reasons, we will use a third party App to implement this feature. ( for example)

Correct me if im wrong here, but you need to be Jira Admin to change custom fields or the description of it? In most cases, you should trust your Jira Admins not to inject malicious code into your Jira?

Yes, you need to be a Jira administrator. But who says you can trust your Jira administrator not to try and steal users’ credentials using XSS vulnerabilities? At least that’s Atlassian’s reasoning here.