AUI or AtlasKit in future server products?

Hi @daz,

We’re considering using AtlasKit on server & cloud to avoid code duplication.
Using this approach:

What is the strategy for server products ?
Is there a plan to drop AUI on server products at some point of time and migrate to AtlasKit?



Hi @pch!

AUI isn’t going away any time soon. Each Server product will be bundling AUI for a long time to come.

If you’re primarily interested in whether React and Atlaskit are a reasonable technical direction for you to take: yes, they are :slight_smile:

I’ll reference the Atlassian Design Guidelines announcement on our dev blog and per my comments on the November 2018 design community update here and summarise:

  • Server product teams are exploring use of Atlaskit as their UI component library of choice when implementing new UI.
  • It’s likely that new stuff written in Server products will be in React and Atlaskit.
  • It’s up to each Server product team as to how rapidly (or even if) its existing UI will be re-written in React and Atlaskit.
  • Over time, AUI and Atlaskit will align in their aesthetics, so that it should not matter whether you have implemented your UI using AUI or Atlaskit, it should look like it belongs within the host product.

Using an approach like Dave’s for building Cloud+Server app UIs from a single codebase is a reasonable choice. Other vendors have chosen to take similar approaches, too.

If you’ve got follow-up questions, I’m listening :slight_smile:



Hi @daz,
Thank you very much :slight_smile: