AUI release 9.5.0 vs NPM release 7.10.4

Hi AUI devs, @daz ,

Today was a release of AUI on npm with version 7.10.4 as latest: @atlassian/aui - npm .
However the changelog on bitbucket says 9.5.0: Bitbucket

Why is there a version mismatch?

Hi @marc, thanks for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:

I’ve reverted the latest version back to 9.4.5.

I suspect a misconfiguration of the CI build or build script caused this problem to occur. The build script for AUI has gone through some revisions over the years, older versions assumed they were the latest to publish. Newer versions account for maintenance releases and try to avoid affecting the latest tag, but it’s possible that was missed in the 7.x branch. I’ll follow up with the team currently maintaining AUI so they can address it.