AUI Sketch libraries



I really enjoy using the ADG Sketch libraries for designing cloud apps. It makes my life as a designer so much easier.

We’re currently working on a server app and I was hoping to find something similar for AUI. I found this page with Sketch and Photoshop files: But it looks like this is very outdated, incomplete and not nearly as useful as actual Sketch libraries.

Are AUI Sketch libraries in the works? Or is there perhaps another resource that I should be using?

@jcheung @ldenton do you have any idea?


Hey Maarten, I’m following up with our AUI designer. He’s based in France so there’s some timezone delay between us. I’ll get back to you with answer tomorrow.


Are there any plans for Adobe XD library? Windows users want to use it too :slight_smile:


Hi @Maarten,
Thanks for reaching out!
Unfortunately, we don’t have anything as extensive as ADG’s Sketch libraries yet. We are working hard towards this, but it’s a longer term goal for us.

I can share our internal ADG in Server Sketch libraries with you. These are what we’ve been using (and growing) internally and will hopefully be useful for you as a base to build upon.

Please note: these are in progress and some will be incomplete. For further references to help build your libraries out, you can refer to and


Thank you Tim! I understand that it’s a lot of work. But even these incomplete libraries are a tremendous help.

Is there a way to get updates once your internal library grows? All little bits are helpful.


@Maarten at this point, there isn’t unfortunately. We’re working on it.
If it’s not too much of an inconvenience, you could check back in in the new year though and I can share any progress we might have made with you?


Absolutely. I wasn’t expecting anything, but it doesn’t hurt to ask ;).