AUI Tabs "id" attribute is removed when creating page using python script

When I create a new page using python Confluence module, I send the below HTML but the “id” elements on the tab panes are not rendered therefore switching between tabs does not work.

<div class="aui-tabs horizontal-tabs">
	<ul class="tabs-menu">
		<li class="menu-item active-tab">
			<a href="#tab-lon">RX01.LON00</a>
		<li class="menu-item">
			<a href="#tab-sec">RX01.SEC00</a>
	<div class="tabs-pane active-pane" id="tab-lon">This is tab 1</div>
	<div class="tabs-pane" id="tab-sec">This is tab 2</div>

Confluence generates this for the tab panes:

<div class="tabs-pane active-pane">This is tab 1</div><div class="tabs-pane">This is tab 2</div></div>

Where have the ID’s gone? …Any help is much appreciated