AUI Tabs stop working

My current prod app is using AUI v8.5.1. Decided to update to the latest libs v9.4.0. I have updated all css/js unpkg links but the final link breaks my tabs–meaning 8.5.1 tabs I can switch between the tabs and it remembers that last tab accessed, but when I change to 9.4.0 it defaults to the primary tab and I can no longer switch between them. It does this if I change the line to anything but 8.5.1. The line in question is below:

  • <script src=""></script>

I know it is accessing this file and I know it is there as I can put the link into the browser and it takes me directly to it. I also compared my code to the latest and the html is identical except for the actual content the tabs contain. I have opened a ticket as well, but as a developer this is driving me crazy because I just can’t see where the failure is when everything looks the same code wise.

Anyway, I guess it is not a “huge” deal because if I leave this one line at 8.5.1 everything appears to work in my app–but of course will do additional testing just to be sure. But I am one of those coders that while it works, it will bother me until I get it resolved. Lol.

Anyway, the community has always been a huge help and much faster responses than ticket submission so I thought I’d see if someone could point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @LorenzoPhillips I’d love to help you with this :slight_smile:

Can you share some codesandbox or jsfiddle reproducing the problem?

I was able to resolve the issue.

In my layout.hbs file (I used Atlassian-connect-express for this app), for some reason I had duplicate reference lines for link and script tags. Once I removed the duplicate lines, everything started working using aui 9.4.0.

Not entirely sure how it’s been working all this time. Lol :crazy_face:

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