Authentication issue in Jira cloud Api(Not working with Bearer Token)

While using Basic auth as a parameter getting response 200 but while using Bearer token getting 400 response(API token is correct that we can get from cokkies that we are using as a bearer token)

//while using Bearer token points that we already did
1)Created a new Api token
2)Check with correct encoding in the code as well.
3)Getting same error in code as well


Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @JatinKapoor,

It’s not clear to me to what you are referring. Can you hyperlink to the docs that explain the Bearer tokens you are using? I have a suspicion that you are trying to use the API Tokens for Bearer tokens; nowhere do the docs say that’s how they work. API Tokens only work with Basic auth.

I used this code for sending get request

in the userName and Password I am passing username as mailid and password as the token but getting 400 bad request But in postman it is working fine.


What makes you think the problem is with auth? The 400 status is usually related to a bad URL or body in the request. In that code, it looks like you are putting the search path into the query string.