Auto Jira Issue Creation from SFDC Object

Hello community members!
I have been tasked to ensure when we create a record from a custom object in SFDC that it automatically creates a specific Issue in Jira Cloud from a specific Project. ServiceRocket provided the below example of the code to use in Apex Triggers

trigger CaseInsertedTrigger on Case (after insert) {

Now I noticed that at the “.createJiraIssue” does not populate as I write the code. Would anyone happen to know why this would not be found when I write the trigger?

FYI Im not even close to a developer. Just learning all of this now so any help is appreciated.

This issue is now resolved but Im getting an error in my code now.
trigger insertSolutionThread on Solution_Thread_Test__c (after insert) {

The error reads “Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void createJiraIssue(Integer,Integer) from the type JCFS.API”. Not sure what to do here so any help is appreciated.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @PortiaDeFreest,

If you’re writing this kind of code, you’re close enough to a developer in my estimation. :wink:

Unfortunately, I think this community won’t have much to contribute to your answer. Most of the people here are developing on top of the Atlassian platforms like Server/DC plugins, Atlassian Connect, or Atlassian Forge. Building in Salesforce Apex might best be served in the Salesforce community.

That said, I do understand why you are posting here. It’s about making a request to Jira. Unfortunately, that capability is provided by a library that ServiceRocket wrote. They are probably the experts in how JCFS.API works. I have some rough guesses based on your first problem that the library wasn’t probably imported to your Apex code. And my guess on the 2nd is the API has not been properly “initialized” (ie configured with the connection information to your instance of Jira).

I’m sure future Apex developers would appreciate to learn how you eventually solve this. But I fear the experts you need aren’t here.

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Thank you so much for your guidance.