Automate JIRA add-in deployment

I would like to have an automated way to manage add-ins as they are evaluated in a lower environment and promoted to production. I was able to accomplish this by storing the jar files in Artifactory and using a Puppet manifest to apply the jars to the installed-plugins directory. Where I’m struggling is with plugins like Tempo that come as .obr . I can get the jars out of the obr but I am uncertain if this is a supported way to maintain plugins. I basically want to ensure what is installed and tested in a lower environment is exactly what is installed in production by reducing human error. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

You’ll need two plugins to be installed on your environment which are:
Apache Commons FileUpload Bundle and Atlassian PDK Install Plugin

Your job command should be something similar to:
atlas-install-plugin --server -p 8080 --username automation_user--password automation_user--plugin-key com.your-envrionment.plugin.jira-plugin --context-path /

You need to execute this command from your plugin directory, for more details check: