Automated performance testing an add-on

Hey all,

I’m looking for some guidance on doing some automated performance testing for a Jira cloud add-on. 2 questions:

  1. Is there a way to drive my app without Jira? Currently it does not have it’s own API because it doesn’t need it. Or do I just create an API for performance testing reasons.
  2. Or is it possible to drive the app through Jira and if so what tools are out there to do this?


Hi @ubangy

I cannot really recommend any specific tools for performance testing, but can give you some hints how to move on with the API:

I would start with setting up a REST API in order to be able to test the backend part of the app.

I would also create one or more mock API (that would return the data you would need from JIRA’s rest API or any third party rest API your app is consuming) - This way you won’t have to deal with problems like authentication and you may also be able to have some custom datasets for testing purposes.

A part from authenticating with real APIs and testing on real data, Any you should be able to test the performance of the app using off-the-shelf testing tools!

I hope that I could answer your question!