Automatic app uninstalls and install prevention

We had a number of reports where users couldn’t install or had it automatically uninstalled.

We filed Jira Service Management and got the response:

On any given instance, if one of the app gets removed due to missing payment details, rest all of the apps will also be removed and then would need to have the correct payment method set on the instance to continue the evaluation.

I asked:

If they do not have a valid payment method on system, they cannot install any apps

If there is no valid payment method, at some point all apps are removed from the instance.

And was told that yes, that is the case.

Could the feedback to the user be fixed in these cases please? Users are told “oops, there was a hiccup” in the install cases and receive no notification in the uninstall cases.

This causes us a lot of support tickets. Please implement:

  • When an app cannot install because there is no valid billing method, display to the user "This app cannot be displayed because there is no valid billing method:.
  • When an app is automatically uninstalled because there is no valid billing method, notify the user ,in some way they are likely to read it “The app was uninstalled because there is no valid billing method”.

Hi @daviddrawio ,

Thanks for highlighting this problem. This was also reported in JRACLOUD-75995: User in invalid state with app and cannot install, but it seems to have been closed without rectification. I’ve raised an internal feedback escalation issue on this topic (reference VOC-2402) so hopefully this problem will be addressed in the not too distant future.


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